Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ice in Arizona

My research shows that the usual low temperature in Arizona is 41 degrees Fahrenheit.  Water freezes when the temperature of it's surroundings is 32 degrees.  It was 23 degrees when these photos were taken!  Brrrr!  This was an unusually cold day in Chandler, Arizona!  The ice in these pictures is very unusual, and is the result of freezing temperature and automatic sprinklers!
The photo above is ice on grass.  The next photo is a close-up.

 Click on the pictures for a larger view.  In the photo above, notice how the individual blades of grass are encased in thick ice!
 It was so cold that the water from the sprinklers froze as it flowed and as it dripped.
That is one super frozen tree!

These photos were provided for you to see by Keith Emerson!
Thank you Mr. Emerson!